Featherlift - Facial Lifting with Aptos Threads

For A Flabby, Aging Face--A New Approach

We are now offering a NEW method to remove wrinkles of the face, neck, forehead, uplifting of flabby soft tissues and creation of new facial contours.

An aging human face, apart from wrinkles and cutaneous folds, is known to be characterized by non-uniform, focal ptosis of soft tissues of the zygomatic, buccal, mental and submental areas.

But when returning these tissues to their original place, one can give the aging face a more or less juvenile appearance.
We hereby offer a method of uplifting flabby and flaccid tissues of the aging human face with the help of a special suturing material and a stable fixation of the former in a more aesthetically advantageous position.

What are “Aptos® Threads” ?

The Aptos® threads” are made of a monofiliment material called “polypropylene”.
Aptos® threads are designed with directional cogs. Once inserted under the skin,
the Aptos® thread cogs will form a support structure for the tissue of the face.



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